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attacks can be ruled out. >> today give thanks to the men and women who died forgetting this country every day since 9-11. those numbers rise every day. we should never forget that. thanks for inviting us into your home. good night. >> shep: a live look at the world trade center site in lower manhattan. 11 years after the worst terrorist attack in american history. in a few minute, two beams of blue light will rise into the sky from the spots where the twin towers once stood. i'm shepard smith in new york. 11 years later, the ceremonies were more subdued, the crowds a little smaller. but the ritual familiar as americans paid tribute to the almost 3,000 people killed on this day. here in new york at the pentagon, and in shanksville, pennsylvania. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪
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♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight -- >> my son, paul, 11 years passed and i still hear your voice. >> my father, peter alan nelson. we dearly miss you and in my eyes and heart, you're always a hero. >> my husband, i love you every day and miss you every day and so do the kids. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> on that bright sunny tuesday morning, a nation at peace suddenly found itself at war. >> we know somewhere a son is growing up with his father's eyes and a daughter has her
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mother's laugh, living reminders that those who died are with us still. >> todd m. beamer. >> today we stand on this hallowed ground, a place made sacred by the passengers and crew of flight 93. >> mark bingham. >> for on a day such horrors, they gave us our first filmer of hope, how ordinary individuals, choosing to work together, can do the most extraordinary and history making things. ♪ >> shep: 11 years ago at this hour, the ruins of the twin towers were still smoldererring in lower manhattan. tonight we're getting a new look at the progress at the world trade center site.
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we have time lapsed video from earth cam. it shows another tower climbing into the sky over our city. the framework for all 104 floors now in place. developers say the new one world trade center is set to open in 2014. here is a look at how it compares to the original towers. tonight we're also learning more about an agreement to get back to work on the 9-11 museum that was originally supposed to open this month. rick leventhal was there 11 years ago this night and is there for us this evening. hello, rick. >> hello, shep. it's been easy to mark the progress of one world trade behind me. rising by about a floor every week for the past year and a half. but during much of that time, a lot of the work below ground was at a complete stand still. the 9-11 museum was supposed to open by today. instead, they're talking about when to resume construction. >> this is not easy.
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>> al is scrolling through photos of his son who worked in the north tower. his story, along with the stories of all the victims, will be featured on these interactive cables in the 9-11 museum. >> today is the first time we've actually seen a part of what would be in the museum and i think it's absolutely wonderful. >> this small preview at a hotel across ther6ñ?ñ?
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people that have been collecting thousands of artifacts. >> the uncertainty ended monday night as both sides hammered out a deal. >> everybody is on board and this will get going at the end of the month and you'll see the progress that we all hope to would happen. >> no doubt a welcome development for families like this who have been wait o'clock for their loved one's stories to be told. >> they should resolve it quickly and get this thing done. >> we're now told construction will begin by the end of september and could take a year to complete, which means it may not be done by the 1th anniversary of 9-11. people can visit the memorial here, nearly 5 million people did over the past year, making it one of the most visited sites in the city. >> shep: rick, thank you. members of congress from both parties gathered on the front steps of the capitol building this morning to remember the victims and heros of
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september 11. ♪ god bless america ♪ ♪ my home sweet home >> shep: republicans and democrats together singing "god bless america" and john boehner said in the face of the tragedy 11 years ago, americans stood our ground. >> the patriots who banded together in the sky over shanksville to save this capitol and these steps, the volunteers who raised their hands and said, i'll go, and they'll fight overseas in perilous conditions. >> shep: the senate majority leader harry reid says the weather in dc was much like the weather on september 11 of 2001. a crystal clear morning and it was here in new york city as
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well. that same blue and that same new fall. after laying a wreath today at arlington national cemetery, the president visited with wounded troops at walter reed medical center in maryland. the white house tells us the president also met with the families of those recovering from battle. governor mitt romney this afternoon addressed the national guard association in nevada. the governor said the nation will never forget those who died in the attacks and thanked all of those who serve in our military. the campaigning was really at a minimum today. neither candidate scheduled a partisan rally. both president obama and the gop presidential nominee, mitt romney, have suspended their tv attack ads for this day. it's the third time the presidential candidates from both major parties have pulled their negative ads on 9-11. governor romney may have something to say tomorrow about president obama turning down a request to meet with israel's prime minister. at least for now. here is the story. the white house claims it is nothing because scheduling
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conflict and it is not ruling out a meeting with benjamin netanyahu. but it comes as benjamin netanyahu is pressuring the united states to take a tougher stand against iran. in the show down over its nuclear program. tonight the associated press is reporting the u.n. has new intelligence that shows iran is getting even closer to building a nuclear weapon. ed henry there. what's the white house saying about this, ed? >> all of this is so important because of what you just mentioned about the a.p. report about iran moving closer to getting nuclear weapons. what benjamin netanyahu wants is the president to lay out what he calls red line. about what actions by iran in terms of moving closer to a nuclear weapon would prolitary . white house officials tell me that the president will be in new york for the u.n. meetings on monday, september 24, tuesday, the 25. and netanyahu doesn't arrive into new york until later that week. so the schedule just does not work. they insist this is not a snub. we spoke earlier to a member of the canes is the who insists it
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is. >> i think president obama knows that prime minister netanyahu will ask him, what are you going to do regarding iran? how long you want us to wait? maybe he wants to avoid that meeting. >> now, mitt romney, is a personal friend of benjamin netanyahu for many years and recently tried to use some of the tensions between the u.s. and israel to claim that president obama has thrown israel under the bus. he said that in tampa at the republican convention. the white house, of course, has denied that. >> shep: this comes right after the flap at the democratic national convention over jerusalem. >> that's right. they had originally taken out language messengering jerusalem as the capitol of israel after a firestorm of criticism, the democrats pulled back on that. the president personally intervened and got that language back in. number one. and number two, in his acceptance speech, we should not forget the president tried to reassure israel about it being a strong ally. take a listen. >> our commitment to israel security must not waiver and
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neither must our pursuit of peace. >> aspoke to a senior official earlier tonight who assured me that this could all be worked out potentially and maybe on the friday of that week, they will, in fact, have a meeting between the president and the prime minister, but that official also told me it's an election year. it's possible the president may have a campaign event that day in a battle ground state and this will not come together. if the president campaigning instead of doing this meeting, it's only gog add more fuel to the fire. >> shep: ed henry, thanks so much. we've been watching the absolute chaos today at the u.s. embassy in egypt. thousands of angry protesters there stormed the walls of the place, climbed them, ripped down the american flag, warning shots fired. coming up, you'll learn exactly why these demonstrators are so upset. that's ahead from the journalist of fox news on this tuesday, september 11, as we look live at
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>> shep: the american flag over our embassy in cairo, egypt, ripped down and burned today. a large group of ultraconservative muslim protesters managed to scale the very high walls there, shred the flag, set it afire, then replace it with the black flag bearing the muslim profession of faith. hundreds of protesters marched on the embassy earlier today. they say they are furious over a video which demonstrators claim was made here in the united states, a video they say is insulting to islam. now those protesters are demanding that the u.s. ambassador, who wasn't even there at the time, lead egypt all together -- leave egypt all together. now just developing, a similar incident across the border in libya where militants apparently
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stormed a u.s. consulate. the fox report chief correspondent jonathan hunt has the details. was there official reaction to this yet? >> u.s. embassy officials in cairo tonight seem to be trying to defuse a protest that is actually growing by the hour. we understand the thousands of protesters are now outside the u.s. embassy in cairo where officials released a statement which seemed to accept that this protest is the result of this reportedly anti-muslim movie that is being proposalled by the internet by some anti-muslim campaigners. in the statement, those officials said in part, quote, respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of american democracy. we firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others. among those who have reportedly promoted this movie, florida christian church leader terry
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jones. you'll remember him. he threatened to burn the koran in 2010. whatever the cause of these protests, state department spokeswoman said earlier today they should not be overestimated. listen. >> one of the things about the new egypt is that protest is possible. obviously we all want to see a peaceful protest, which is not what happened outside the u.s. mission. so we're trying to restore calm now. >> now we hear of this similar incident outside the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. and sky news, our cousins across the pond in britain, are reporting tonight that the libyan interior ministry is saying that an american has been killed in the clashes there. >> shep: it is astounding to hear it from the analyst how either one person or one tiny group among 300 million people in this country can cause this sort of a problem. we know it's not the first time we've seen this sort of protest. far from it. >> we remember, of course, the
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protests that happened after that christian church leader in florida, terry jones, proposed burning the koran back in 2010. then, of course, there were the protests across the middle east in 2005 after a danish magazine published caricatures of the prophet, mohammed. the concern now with this particular incident in egypt is this is the new egypt, the new egyptian president is a member of the muslim brother shed and there will be questions about security outside the u.s. embassy. u.s. marines are responsible for security up to the perimeter wall. egyptian security forces should have been there. one imagine would cost have spotted this group. there will be questions about what those egyptian security forces did then and are going to do now. >> shep: middle of the night there. you wonder what tomorrow brings. jonathan hunt, thank you. you know the teachers strike in chicago, right? the thinking was from all the
4:18 pm
analysts in the early going, couple of days. we're two days in and there is no end in sight. the teachers are saying this isn't really all about the money. something else entirely. coming up, the big demand they say the city of chicago has to meet before they'll consider even going back to class. plus, yesterday hackers took credit for knocking much of the world wide web off line. and tonight the folks at godaddy aren't saying -- are saying you should not believe that. what they say really happened just ahead. [ malennouncer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid.
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>> shep: there is a high profile test of union power underway playing out now in chicago. we're seeing a second day of a major teacher strike. one that has left nearly 30,000 teachers and staff walking
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picket lines. almost 400,000 school children with no place to go for classes. that's putting a lot of parents in a tight spot at work. >> i told them i couldn't make it in today because i didn't have child care. so i could not do my job 'cause i had nowhere to send my child today. >> shep: worth noting, chicago public school teachers are among the highest paid in the country, with average salary, army salaries of about $75,000. almost $20,000 higher than the national average. sources tell us that back in june, the teachers union was asking for raises between 25 and 35%. but we know the city offered 16% over four years and the teachers union president now says money is not the major issue in these negotiations. instead, performance evaluations have become a key sticking point. the union argues that the new system relies too heavily on standardized test scores, without considering outside factors like student homelessness and poverty. still there is no sign the city of chicago is backing down at
4:23 pm
all. if unions lose this fight, the analysts say that could have a ripple effect all across the country. steve brown based in chicago for us and live on the street tonight. any update on the negotiations, steve? >> it does appear that they're still nibbling around the edges at the bargaining table. no progress reported either on the teacher evaluation system that you just noted or on a recall rights system that the teachers would like that laid off teachers would get priority in hire not guilty a new situation where teacher opening has school system doesn't like that one. so the teachers continue to walk and the mayor says negotiators will continue to talk. >> they are continuing to talk. they are working through the issues. i do believe that it was totally avoidable, totally unnecessary. it was a strike of choice and the wrong choice for our children. >> and the strike appears to be spreading. we're getting word that come
4:24 pm
friday, janitors, if the strike is still going, will be able to legally go out on a sympathy strike. >> shep: violence is a big concern with all these kids out of school and a lot of them presumably in some ways unsupervised? >> yeah. prior to the strike, violence in the city was easily the number one problem here. we'd have weekends where dozens of people would be shot, death toll in the double digits, and easily this was something that was consuming the mayor's office. now that we have a teacher strike and kids not in school to keep them out of harm's way, some schools are open. 147 of them. that's from 8 to noon. announced if the strike goes further, those same sites will be open 'til 2:30 in the afternoon. almost a full school day, but still only 150,000 slots available for 400,000 kids. that means some won't have room at school. >> shep: steve brown in chicago tonight. thanks. we can't blame the hackers for this one. the web hosting company, go
4:25 pm reports it was a technical problem that knocked so many sites off the internet yesterday. thousands, they tell us maybe millions of web sites went off line. supposed hacker tried to take credit, but not so. go daddy ceo blaming it on outer problems. the statement reads the outage was due to internal network events. the ceo promised we have implemented measures to prevents this from occurring again. gas prices up more than a dime in the past month, but tonight the experts say you may be about to get a break. no politics, at least no negative politicking on 9-11. as i mentioned, that was apparently the deal between the two presidential candidates. at least for a while. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. a live look in lower manhattan as we got ready for the tribute in light.
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>> shep: crews struggling to control a wildfire that destroyed more than half a dozen homes and forced hundreds to evacuate. it tops our news across america. wyoming. more than 200 firefighters battling the flames on casper mountain, dumping thousands of gallons of water from air tankers and helicopters. they say the fires threatening as many as 750 homes. no word on how it started. texas. two people are dead after their
4:30 pm
helicopter crashed, then exploded on the side of a road outside houston. witnesses say the chopper went into a tail spin, then slammed into the ground. they say they tried to put out the fire with hand held extinguishers, but it was too late. officials tell us they do not know why the pilot lost control. california. two police officers recovering today after rescuing a man trapped inside a burning apartment building. happened south of los angeles. officials say one officer had second degree burns. a neighbor says he used his own ladder to try to pull the man out before crews arrived. the guy got stuck in the window. police say he's now in critical condition. tennessee. the owner of a marina says a fire caused about a million dollars worth of damage to dozens of boats and part of his dock. he says the flames burned about 60 boats, some of them completely destroyed. police say faulty battery probably started the fire.
4:31 pm
that's a fox watch across america. >> shep: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news and the republican and presidential candidate, mitt romney, keeping the partisan attacks with his competitor for the president to a minimum today. both sides agreed. they say it's out of respect for the victims of 9-11. but the race for the presidency really never sleeps. today the president's top campaign strategist, david axelrod, went after governor romney, as well as one of the governor's biggest supporters. in a tweet axelrod wrote, yowza, aidleton bets big on romney and under mitt's tax scheme the casino mogul would walk off with a $2 billion pot. now, axelrod was talking about this man, a man "forbes" magazine lists as america's
4:32 pm
7th wealthiest worth an estimated by them, $25 billion. and the tweet linked to a report that claims the casino mogul would have saved more than $2 billion in taxes under a republican white house. but the romney campaign pushed back immediately, reporting in a statement, quote, today governor romney is focused on remembering those who lost their lives on 9-11, as well as recognizing the brave work done by our first responders and troops. not on launching petty political attacks. carl cameron is live in st. johns county in fellow that where governor romney is holding an event tomorrow. this is a tall order for campaigners. how effective were they in avoiding politics today? >> they gave it a good try. when you're eight weeks exactly from the election and someone like mitt romney who was invited to speak at the national guard by virtue of his canned did city, it's kind of hard to avoid it. much of the way you mentioned in the statement that they had responding to david axelrod's
4:33 pm
tweet, romney in his remarks in reno, quickly said today was not a day for partisan politics and while under other circumstances he would be talking about the differences between himself and mr. obama, he would refrain as best he could from that today. having said that, speaking to the guardsmen, he was talking about military issues, veterans issues, and things related, and he went on to criticize president obama all be it indirectly, for what romney has complained is the president's willingness to let as much as a trillion dollars in defense cuts take place over the course of the next decade by not stepping in to stop the so-called sequestration fiscal cliff that is slated to hit at the beginning of this coming year if nothing is done. here is how he put it. >> the course of the return of our troops cannot and must not be used as an excuse to hollow out our military through devastating defense budget cuts. >> while mr. romney pretty much steered clear of direct criticism of president obama today, the news about the
4:34 pm
nonimmediate meting with benjamin netanyahu is likely to come up in a serious way tomorrow. the romney campaign is expected to go after president obama for not meeting with the israeli leader, very aggressively tomorrow. >> shep: we'll see what the white house has to say about that in the morning. who knows? but there is a criticism, carl, of governor romney that he's, what, attending one event or holing but one rally a day? what is that about? >> yesterday the romney campaign was peppered with questions from reporters wondering why it appears to them that mr. romney isn't working all that hard. he does do a fund-raiser about every day. he's the first republican candidate since the the nixon eo have to raise money during the general election. that's a big part of his time. but it has been basically one event a day for several weeks. the romney campaign argues their singular message about
4:35 pm
focused on jobs and the economy. >> shep: carl cameron, near saint augustine. thanks very much. for the first time this year, most americans say they trust the obama administration to handle the economy over governor romney. that's according to a new abc news poll, "washington post" poll. it's a slim lead for the president and within the margin of error. but it is the first lead of the year and a significant bump from just last month when that same poll showed him trailing governor romney by seven points. this is despite another month of weak jobs growth. and now the labor department reports employers listed fewer job openings in the month of july. get the details from john roberts in atlanta. hey, john. >> hey, shep. there thank is where it was listed in the bureau of labor statistics. 3.7 million job openings at the end of july. that's down from june.
4:36 pm
flat from march. as bill clinton pointed out in a speech last week, there is still more than 3 million jobs out there that people haven't matched skills to. it's a particular problem in south dakota where they're desperately trying to fill more than 11,000 jobs. for example, at trail king, which makes specialized trailers for construction and hauling materials, they have had to hire a recruiter to go out and find not ceo's, not managers, not engineers, but welders. the ceo of the company here now. >> it's very frustrating for companies in this region because you hear about the 8% plus unemployment rate and we can't find enough people to fill the jobs. it's not only trail king. it's many, many companies throughout the dakotas. >> the problem is so bad, that the governor of the state has hired manpower at a cost of 5 million-dollar to go out and recruit 1,000 new south
4:37 pm
dakotans. but even if it's 100% successful, there will be more than 10,000 jobs still unfilled. the governor says part of the problem is young people are not being educated for the 21st century economy. he's gone so far as to encourage some high school students to rethink the idea of college all together. >> we're trying to encourage more of our high school seniors to consider our technical schools as a good alternative o four-year degree. a shorter route to a good paying job often in many cases. >> he is very worried that the lack of people to fill those jobs may stall the economic recovery in his state or even worse, force some of those companies who can't find work force move out closer to large population centers where there is a deeper worker pool. shep? >> shep: john, thank you. al-qaeda is now dealing and has been for a while, it would appear, with what may be its biggest setback since the raid that killed osama bin laden. because the man who took over
4:38 pm
for osama bin laden now confirms a drone strike in pakistan killed his second in command. the white house reported the deputy's death in june, but this is the first confirmation from the terrorist network n. a video posted on militant web site, the al-qaeda boss, called his lieutenant a lion of jihad and knowledge. now the lion is dead. and the world is, well, a bit safer. katherine herrage is live in washington. this particular terrorist became well-known when he broke out of that, or escaped out of the air base in bagram, afghanistan, right? >> going in these prisons often give them more street credits and turns them into rock stars. the key thing was the message is that it's really more evidence that the al-qaeda leadership in pakistan is damaged and diminished. few months after the fact, confirming the death of the trusted lieutenant, the lag time suggesting he's cut off and deep in hiding, much like osama bin laden in his final days.
4:39 pm
while the video is posted on-line to mark the 9-11 anniversary, significantly there are no references to the attack and that's a sign that he may also rely on couriers. >> shep: it seems every 9-11 remembrance we talk about whether we're safer than we were on that day. what's the word from officials today? >> the threat of another attack on the scale of 9-11 has diminished. but u.s. officials say the likelihood of a small scale attack like fort hood in 2009 when 13 were killed has increased because the threat has diversified. these figures tonight come it us from the homeland security committee and and what most americans don't realize is we've had more home grown plots in the last three years and the majority of those plots have targeted the u.s. military. critics say many of these f.b.i. cases amount to entrapment, but there is broad agreement that the home grown terrorism is a completely new phenomenon in the last 11 years. >> katherine in washington.
4:40 pm
thank you. >> shep: who knew what and when? a new and as of yet unleased report on the fast and furious gun sting operation will reportedly reveal just that. who did nothing to stop it? now fox news has obtained certain parts of that report. we'll bring them to you next. first, a live look in lower manhattan. the tribute in light is now visible. we've seen those two vertical beams shooting into the night sky over our city since 9-11. the lights first shown six months after the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil. now organizers turn them on each 9-11. they're scheduled to stay on until dawn tomorrow. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit.
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>> shep: plenty of senior officials knew about the fast and furious gun sting and did nothing to stop it. that accusation in a new report from the inspector general on the operation. the document is not yet public, but our journalist got ahold of portions of it.
4:44 pm
fast and furious was meant to track guns to mexican drug cartels, but the feds didn't keep tabs on some of those weapons and bandits left two of them at the scene of a shootout where the border agent, brian terry, died. now this new report indicates that dozens of officials ignored the safety of the public as they allowed fast and furious to proceed. william lajeunesse is live up in los angeles. >> that is an embarrassing admonition that u.s. officials knew the criminals were smuggling guns to mexico, they could have been stopped but were not. basically they allowed the investigation to override or overshadow public safety. the parts of the inspector general's report that we have obtained places blame on three atf supervisor bill knewle and others. their lawyers say the parts of the report are inaccurate and unfair, that these agents in phoenix kept the tap brass in washington informed of the tactics and the number of weapons that they let go.
4:45 pm
newel's calls it ampartial analysis while another says it was drafted in a, quote, pseudo academic vacuum that ignores weak gun laws and inept u.s. attorney. another point of disagrees, how fast and furious began. the report suggests it was devised and carried out by these rogue agents in phoenix. those agents say it's not true. this was a top down strategy borne in washington in 2009 as part of an overall southwest border security strategy. so the full report is expected to be hundreds of pages long and we only saw a small portion of that, but it does provide us a glimpse, if you will, into the finger pointing, the back stabbing, the blame game that is about to happen as these key players try to save their job and avoid charges of perjury. back to you. >> shep: william lajeunesse on fast and furious live from los angeles. thank you. angelina jolie, the actress
4:46 pm
examine special envoy to the united nations, today appeared to fight back tears as she described meeting with refugees who escaped the syrian civil war. according to the united nations, some 200,000 syrians have taken refuge in jordan alone. angelina jolie said she visit add camp to bring greater attention to the crisis and attract more funding to help. she says she heard what she called horrific accounts from children in the camp. >> as a mother, certainly the amount of innocent children that are reported dead, the amount of innocent children i've met who are wounded and unaccompanied with them, with their parents being killed and now they're on their own, it's impossible to imagine any mother standing by and not stepping up and doing something to prevent this. >> shep: activists estimate the syrian civil war led to the deaths of more than 23,000 people. the former new jersey governor, jon corzine, told congress he was stunned when he
4:47 pm
learned hundreds of millions of dollars of customer money had disappeared from his collapsed trading firm. but now there is word he may have known much more than he is letting on. we'll get the details and the facts coming up. plus apple is expected to unveil its latest iphone tomorrow and some economists are making a really bold prediction about how it could help our entire economy. apple and its iphone coming up
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>> shep: big day for apple tomorrow, new iphone lovers, set to unveil a next generation iphone. now economists say the gadget could help the country's bottom line. according to the chief economist at jp morgan chase, sales for the phone could boost the u.s.
4:51 pm
gdp. that is the value of all goods and services produced and one of the broadest indicators of the nation's economic health. really some experts are skeptical of the potential of the iphone effects. >> it's going to have certainly a good impact on a very small segment of the economy. you'll buy services along with it and applications. but in itself, it's not going to really letter the u.s. economy. >> shep: analysts are pointing out many people who plan to buy the iphone are simply using money that they might have penalties on something else. and say that would have zero impact on the gdp. gerri willis is with us now. it almost feels sometimes like what these analysts are doing is trying to explain to you in advance why they may be getting things wrong. >> you may have something there. this employees me away this report. i can't believe the jp morgan is predicting the iphone 5, one product, can add a quarter to a half percent to gdp. it boggles the mind. i'll read what the economist says, using the so-called retail control method sales of the iphone 5, could boost
4:52 pm
annualized gdp growth by $3.2 billion or $12.8 billion and an annual rate. what they're saying is this phone is going to sell at a rate of 600 in the fourth -- i got that backwards. 8 million in the fourth quarter and a price of 600. $4.8 billion. >> shep: it's not going to sell at that pace for four quarters. when you annualize that, they would have to sell a million every quarter. >> no one is suggesting that. but can you imagine? >> shep: no. really, i can't quite imagine that. i can't wait to see the phone 'cause i'm that guy. >> you are that guy. >> shep: but i can't wait to see it. we don't know anything about it, right? >> skin gear, bigger jean. these new doc connections. it will be different from your regular plug-in. this is a big thing because i own a bunch of apple devices and i plug everything in to each other and they all have to work together. so i don't have it have five or six different plug ins. that could all change. i don't think consumers will like that.
4:53 pm
>> shep: no. there's a blackberry charger by the bed, now we got to have another one? 'cause ipad works off -- >> it's not good. >> shep: yeah. >> just saying. >> shep: if this is all we have to complain about, life is pretty good. >> maybe so. >> shep: good to see you. her program, 6:00 o'clock, right? >> 6:00 p.m. every single day. >> shep: 5:00 o'clock in objection ford where this weekend we hook those horns. texas is coming to town. the rebels are playing texas. >> good goal. >> shep: insiders now say senior executive at the security firm mf global told investigators the company's ceo jon corzine knew about the misuse of customer's cash. that's according to the report of the "fox business" network. corzine also the former governor of new jersey, if governor corzine did know that would contradict what he told congress when he pleaded ignorance about any misuse of funds investigators say more than a
4:54 pm
billion dollars of client money somehow disappeared when mf global collapsed last year. the investigation is really focused on whether the firm dipped into customers' accounts to try to keep the company afloat. you can't do that according to the business network, the congressional committee's conducting are aware of the top executives statements, only governor corzine's involvement. he testified in congress, but never mentioned she said to investigators tonight governor corzine's office issued a statement. whatever she is alleged to have said in the confusing days following the bankruptcy, her testimony under oath to the facts was entirelient with mr. corzine. we reported earlier in this hourer, the chaos at the u.s. embassy. now reportedly killed one american. it's spreading and it's next.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
reports about the death of one american consulate staff member after militants stormed the u.s. embassy compound in eastern libya in benghazi. there is brand-new video just in at fox news. it's dark because it happened in the middle of the night. multiple reports now indicate militants raided the compound, libyan security forces tried to fight back, they tell us, but then with drew because the fire was coming in nonstop. now word looters have been cleaning out the place. then there is cairo egypt. protesters scaled the wall of the u.s. embassy there, stormed the outer grounds. snatched down an american flag and tried to burn it outside the embassy walls. all developing, jonathan hunt with much more in the news room. first libya. >> as you can imagine, there is a degree of conflicting information coming out of nighttime libya amid the chaos of an attack on the u.s. consulate. multiple news agencies now
4:59 pm
reporting libyan security sources telling them that an american staff member has been killed in that attack. reuters, for instance, quoing the spokesman to libya supreme commit saying quote, one american staff member has died and a number have been injured in the clashes. state department is not confirming that. only confirming, quote, we can confirm that our office in benghazi, libya, has been attacked by a group of militants. we are working with the libyans now to secure the compound. we condemn in the strongest terms this attack on our diplomatic mission. that from state department spokeswoman victoria newland. as we've seen in the past, these situations tend to get worse before they get better, shep. it will be a tense day tomorrow across the middle east. >> shep: we'll have updates throughout the evening. thank you. and now you know the news for this tuesday, september 11, 2012. i'm shepard smith. hope you and your family are well this night as we

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